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The Yale Blockchain Club Team 

The students behind YBC

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Mariam Alaverdian

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Mariam is a Senior pursuing a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Data Mining and Machine Learning. Before Yale, Mariam attended Los Angeles City College where she pursued six associate's degrees in the fields of Mathematics, Business, Physics, and other Natural and Social Sciences. 

Mariam has previously interned at Barclays and NASA and worked as a student researcher at MIT, Yale, UCLA, and CSUF. 

Mariam is a published author, you can find her paper here:

For more information about the club, feel free to reach out to Mariam via email:

Board of Directors


Amy Brooks

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Amy is a Junior at Yale majoring in Global Affairs. She is fascinated by the integration of fashion and technology, and therefore is leading a project within Yale Blockchain Club called Fashion in the Metaverse. She previously worked as an intern for Changing Room, a fashion sustainability startup that promotes eco-friendly shopping to consumers through a Chrome extension. This summer, she had a lovely time studying abroad at Oxford University, where she was taking International Relations and International Law.

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Samuel Chang

Samuel is a junior in Branford college majoring Architecture. He is originally from Taipei, Taiwan, where he developed interests in the traditional Western as well as Eastern art and architecture. His experience working at multiple architecture firms in both Taiwan and New Haven inspired him to create an unbounded, expansive  environment for creative students to pursue their art endeavors in the metaverse and on the blockchain. At YBC, Samuel oversees all blockchain projects and the operations of the organization. He hopes that YBC will not only unlock the creativeness of all individuals, but also utilize these talents and ideas to give back to the community. 


Veenu King

Veenu graduated from Princeton University in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Operations Research & Financial Engineering and completed MS Environmental Management at Yale in 2022. Veenu is a 1-part environmentalist, 1-part techie, and 2-part creator. Her passion is developing sustainable products (digital and physical) that enrich the lived-human experience in the nexus of design x technology x environment.

Feel free to reach out to her for anything and anytime.

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Zaid Fattah

Zaid Fattah is a sophomore in Berkeley College studying Economics. Previously, he spent time at Lux Capital and Lattice Capital focused on crypto. He spends the lion’s share of his time following developments in crypto infrastructure, DAOs, zero knowledge, and regulatory changes. Outside of crypto, he likes photography and balls hard.

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Henry Balme

Henry is a PhD student in the music department, where he is completing a dissertation on visual music—the influence of music on abstract experimental films. At YBC, he is the Creative Director of a student project exploring audiovisual art on the blockchain. Within crypto, his interests lie in the potential for NFTs to imbue digital art and music with value through ownership and co-ownership. In the summer of 2022, he gained experience working for the business development team at SuperRare. 


Jingfei He

Jingfei He is a master's student in the School of Architecture. He was born in China and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Tokyo in Japan. Currently, he is working on his own start-up project focusing on Cross Platform Web3 3D Content SDK. Feel free to reach out to him for anything and anytime.

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Eliza Riley Oak

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Eliza Oak is a third-year political science PhD student, also pursuing an MA in Statistics, studying how blockchain is being used by civil dissidents in repressive regimes. She has applied a variety of methods in her research, including using machine learning techniques to collect and analyze text and image data, or analyzing original survey and experimental data. Eliza is also a newsletter content contributor for Bankless Africa and in her free time enjoys CrossFit and volunteering in the broader New Haven community. 

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